Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tuesday - pork chops with maple-mustard sauce, braised red cabbage, brown rice, & salad

This was a delicious autumn meal. The sauce on these pork chops from is so good--a perfect balance of sweet and tangy (and super quick to prepare). I followed the recipe exactly (except for using whole grain Dijon--either would work well), so head over to their website to make it for yourself. I also made braised red cabbage, which is one of my favorite cabbage dishes.

I was initially going to use this recipe from Bon Appétit, but I decided an hour was too long so I found a similar recipe in Lorna Sass's cookbook, Pressure Perfect. Three minutes in my pressure cooker (less than 20 minutes total from start to finish), and I had delicious braised red cabbage.

It was actually a tiny bit overcooked--this seems to be a recurring theme with dishes I prepare in my pressure cooker, so I'm learning to reduce the recommended cooking time. It's such a handy tool for quick cooking, and I really want to master it. The dish had red cabbage, onions, cider vinegar, and apples--very flavorful, but if you have the time, a regular stovetop braise is always delicious. I also served brown rice and a salad with arugula, tomato, white beans, and crumbled chèvre, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.

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