Sunday, September 26, 2010

meal plan

Great day at the Hollywood Farmers' Market yesterday--honestly, it rivals Disneyland as the happiest place on earth with the delicious food, live music, great people, and incredible selection of produce, meats, seafood,  honey, etc. I'll be so sad when it closes for winter. I spent a grand total of $29 and picked up spinach, arugula, red cabbage, cauliflower, onions, garlic, green beans, tomatoes, pears, apples, plums, strawberries, and honey (carrot madras honey from happy local bees). The only produce from this week's list that I couldn't find at the market is sweet potatoes. Not bad!

You may have noticed the swordfish from last week's meal plan never showed up in a post. Hmmm. I did make the arugula & corn salad as planned on Friday night, but it was shared with neighbors during an impromptu dinner party. I couldn't find swordfish at the grocery store last week, so I purchased halibut instead (wild Alaskan, a "best choice" from Seafood Watch). It's currently defrosted in the refrigerator, so I'm planning on making it tonight along with some zucchini given to me by my sister. I received lots of zucchini from my sister, in fact, so I'm also planning on making some zucchini pickles today.

Meal 1: halibut with romesco, grilled zucchini, arugula & white bean salad
Meal 2: pork chops with maple-mustard sauce, braised red cabbage, brown rice
Meal 3: grilled sirloin, quinoa with roasted peppers & edamame, salad
Meal 4: cauliflower & sweet potato curry with brown rice
Meal 5: shrimp & spinach with polenta

What's on your meal plan this week?


  1. Don't miss the Linda Brand fish booth at the Hollywood market - super fresh fish locally caught and at good prices, including halibut, black cod and albacore, and they take a debit card (which I love because I usually only bring enough $$ for my produce and don't want to use the cash up on the fish that I forgot to budget for) :)

  2. Thanks for the tip! I've bought black cod from them before, I believe, but I didn't realize they accept debit cards.


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