Saturday, June 26, 2010

This week's meal plan

It's a gorgeous Portland summer day! I love my Saturday routine lately--wake up, watch a couple of cooking shows while drinking coffee, cook breakfast, then head to the Hollywood Farmers' Market. Here's the bounty my husband and I picked up today:

Red Russian kale, green cabbage, sugar peas, butter lettuce, carrots, cucumber, garlic scapes, onions, potatoes, cilantro, and parsley. I budget $25 a week for the farmers' market, and this week I came in at $22.

Based on the produce I got today, here's the meal plan for the week. I'm including links to the recipes I'll be using, then in my daily posts I'll include any changes I made when I actually prepared the dishes.

Sunday: veggie burgers, grilled cabbage slaw, and pickled vegetables
Monday: grilled fish, carrot-ginger soup, and chimichurri quinoa (plus leftover slaw, if available)
Tuesday: grilled sirloin & salmon with chimichurri sauce, roasted potatoes (probably also tossed in chimichurri sauce), and kale
Wednesday: seared scallops tossed with pasta, peas, and garlic scape pesto and a green salad (plus leftover soup, if available)
Thursday: pizza with potatoes, pancetta, and kale and a green salad

I generally plan meals for 5 nights a week, leaving the weekend nights free to go out, make something easy & quick with whatever I have lying around the pantry, or finish up any leftovers. I made a grocery list today to get any additional ingredients I need for each recipe and any other essentials that we're getting low on, and will go shopping tomorrow.

I've been on a canning/preserving kick lately, and there's a sale on organic apples and peaches at the grocery store. Depending on how they look, I may stock up and make apple or peach butter (or both?) this week. If you're interested in preserving, I highly recommend Ashley English's book, Canning & Preserving, from her Homemade Living series. It's filled with useful tips, easy-to-follow instructions, and delicious recipes.

Enjoy your Saturday--I hope it's as lovely as mine.


  1. Hi Tracy,

    I'd also recommend "Well-Preserved" by Eugenia Bone, which I believe was recognized by the James Beard Foundation. I just found your blog through Jamie Oliver, and hope to implement a 5-day plan as well. Thanks for contributing positively to the food culture and people's health!

  2. Thanks for the tip--I'll look for Well-Preserved. Good luck with your 5-day meal plan, and thanks for checking out my blog! Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see here to help make it easier for you to plan your weekly meals.


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